Monday, April 12, 2010

New glove Mod

Haven't been working on the site as mush as I have liked, which was caused by a new glove mod I have been working on.

Pictured below, the mod I categorize as being "insanely cute" which has a major distracting property. While usually as a goaltender we look for ways to get people to shoot right in to our gloves, this "mod" makes the player stop and stare in awe of the cuteness that it represents!!

And if that wasn't enough I have even offered it in a "Double Glove" situation, which causes the ENTIRE other team to stop skating (Trust me this is awesome if you want to win!) and just stare in awe at the cuteness that is!

(Left is my daughter Theren (born April 9th 2010), and right is my daughter Raegan (born April 2nd 2005)

Anyways all kidding aside, everyone is healthy and happy at home now, and Raegan is VERY excited about her new baby sister!


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