Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who the hell I am exactly

Figured I should let you all know who I am, yeah I know you can see I'm Vann or Kris if you wish, but I figure I should throw a little intro up here, so you can get a glimpse at my "Warped Tour" (aka life)

Here goes.......

Ok so quick bio of my life...born and raised in Michigan (ohh maaaah Gaaad), moved to California when I was 19 for school and to figure out what it was like to live on my own, met a lot of cool people, learned how to really live, and basically turned in to a whole new person. (I was scared of meeting people in HS...WTF??) 5 years after that, I find myself in the Denver area. Weird since I spent most of my time in Cali under the Ocean, diving, swimming surfing, you name it. Now I call the mountains my home, but hell who knows where I will end up next?

Really what I am about is getting out of the corporate world where I work harder and not smarter. I have started my own "Goalies Only" type company (anyone can buy the gear people) I just need to get my ass in gear and get the stuff in production. I also coach Goalies so if you need some help stopping hunks of rubber give me a shout. ( or hunks of plastic if you are a roller hockey goalie)

Other than all that great stuff, I love to laugh, make people laugh, and have a damned good time! I mean really what else is there to do? Worry?? Stress?? I really don't know what those words mean....

And now I know I am a little insane...back in school to finish up that elusive Bachelors degree!
It's the short version really, but hey at least you get the idea. Oh yeah almost forgot, Nice to meet you.


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